Which Trail Camera

Which Trail Camera

There are so many wildlife cameras on the market today, it’s often difficult to decide which is the best for you.

It really depends on a few different factors, but we have listed the most popular with their essential differences.

Most modern trail cameras utilise the SD memory card format and have their own built in, limited, storage capacity.

We recommend the SanDisk memory cards, and a capacity of 4Gb or more.

These memory cards can be swapped over on location, and the footage downloaded to your laptop when you get home for review.

Some cameras feature a LCD screen to review captured footage and this is ideal for on location checking of what the camera has captured.

Stealth Cam Prowler HD

This camera is the ultimate High Definition video camera, and is the perfect choice for obtaining high quality video footage in 1080P High Definition and also captures sound, so you can hear conversation and/or movement through foliage.

It uses a stealth infra red combined with an 8MP camera to capture high quality still footage.

The Prowler HD is the most popular trail camera for wildlife trusts as they often like to play back footage in visitor centres, or at meetings.

Spypoint PRO X

The Pro X from Spypoint is the ultimate still image camera, and features a 12MP CCD to capture ultra high quality still shots. It also captures video with sound but although not HD, we think it is fantastic quality, with rich colours, depth of field and detail. best trail camera under $50

PRO X also has a built in LCD screen for watching captured footage and is ideal for on location reviewing of what the camera trap has captured.

It also operates with a High Power Infrared emitter but has the most sensitive detection of any trail camera we have experienced.

The Stealth Cam Prowler uses a PIR detector to capture movement, but the PRO X goes a step further with a motion detector and a heat signature detector. This not only makes the Pro X ultra sensitive, but it means less false alarms as the unit will only trigger when it detects a real target, and means less false alarms with branches of trees moving near the sensor etc.

The Pro X as with all the IR/B and IR/C, can be powered by a 12V or Lithium battery pack for when you may need to leave your camera unattended for extended periods.


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